Automotive Service Engineering

Customer engineering and quality service support service to the automotive industry


- Operational support at the customer’s location
- Minimize the PPM effect and provide robust quality improvement actions for the customer
- Use the chosen resources, minimize the cost and maximize the value delivered
- Management resourcing for customer support requirements
- Managing external resources to support the customer on behalf of the Manufacturing plants
- Drive and manage efficient written concern communications into
- Support the manufacturing plant to resolve and implement solutions for specific customer quality issues & resolution concern process
- Quality liaison & containment control

- Actions in place: First investigation of customer rejects concerns and initiate further steps / Managing external resource support in the customer plants on behalf of the plants
- Concern solving and continuous improvement process / Implement emergency containment actions to minimize customer effect (avoid job-stoppers and PPM effects)
- Feedback from the quality resolution process / Status to customer reduce PPM with negotiations with the customer / Written concern negotiation
- Prevent recurrence function, share lessons learned with manufacturing plants / Support customer meetings to drive quality improvement / Customer satisfaction and specific quality meetings on demand
- Use standardized systems
- Education & Training in the manufacturing plants in customer specific reporting and requirements / Perform training for quality tools to the organization

- Audit: Support manufacturing plants for audits, ‘’fresh eyes’’ review and production support actions / Organize product requalification in related manufacturing plants (on demand customer specific)
- Support product groups / PD and MP&L to resolve and implement solutions for customer specific quality issues from the origin to the customer and visa-versa (two way communication)
- Share lessons learned with preventive recurrence function
- Provide organization with specific OEM quality & MP&L information on demand
- In case of a crisis or special action additional support at affected Manufacturing plant required
- Support for functional builds in cases of engineering changes

- Warranty Management: Analysis of customer warranty data / Negotiate with the customer top warranty cost and initiate concerns / Identify suppliers to initiate warranty recovery support purchase
- Launch & Program management support: Support customer launch meeting, delivered feedback / Perform customer negotiations to achieve logistic and quality shipping acceptance / Solve delivery and quality deviations to obtain customer satisfaction
- General Customer Engineering work on behalf of manufacturing plants / Customer engineering support for global quality tasks
Focus of Customer Engineering: Maximize Customer satisfaction strengthen the current business and prepare for future business opportunities

Key advantage :

- Operational support at customer’s location
- CMM measurement, testing and analysis with regular reporting
- Product development capability
- Product and Process validation capability, functional build trials
- Manufacturing operation
- Response Service G8D Stage 3 Management
- G8D concern ownership, robust corrective action verification, Poka-Yoke evaluation effectiveness
- Management of supplier’s concern and customer quality
- Operating and programming, equipment available to provide immediate support on-site
- Flexible skilled labour cost effective solutions


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